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Counselling Approach

Counselling and child therapy room in Kansai , Japan

What kind of counselling do I use?

My approach is very much led by listening closely to the person or family and working with them towards what they want whether this is to decide what to do in the face of a difficult situation, overcome a traumatic experience, or any other issue.

The main theoretical frameworks behind my technique are psychodynamic and attachment theories, along with social and systemic theories within these I use techniques drawn from an even wider range of approaches. This means understanding the person in the context of their life, background and current and former relationships and experiences. Everyone’s emotional reactions, relationships, and so on, are naturally rooted in previous experiences and their perspective built on this informs their feelings and actions. Other people and situations have an enormous impact on us (and vice versa) but with the neutral space and insight provided by counseling it is possible to understand what is happening and make lasting changes in your life.

As well as looking at the whole situation and its causes, there are methods to help with particular difficulties. For example, to help people who have had a traumatic experience to cope with symptoms like flashbacks or to uncover new solutions where everything seems hopeless..

Current research suggests that it is the quality of the relationship between client and counselor that makes the most difference to counselling outcomes (except for factors within the client, such as motivation). So I encourage people to be as open as possible about how they feel things are going. Counselling is not a treatment that can be applied the same way to everyone so it's very important to me to be constantly responding and adapting to discover what is the best and most effective way to understand your particular experience.

Art and Play Methods

I also use art and play therapy techniques which can particularly help children and teenagers engage with therapy, but many adults also find this a good way to unwind and see their issues in a new light. Methods might include painting and drawing, using materials as starting points for talking about and symbolising difficulties and solutions, using stories, puppets, or acting out, and using a sand tray and toys to work through imaginative play. This is an extremely powerful way to allow a child (or adult) to talk about issues in their life creatively, without too much pressure and intrusion.

adult play therapy in Kobe, Kansai, Japan child play therapy in  Kobe, Kansai, Japan

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• recovery from traumatic experiences
• emotional, physical or sexual abuse
• children, teenagers and parenting issues
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• relationships (including violent relationships)
• migration and cultural issues
• gender and sexuality issues
• self-harm
• anxiety
• work problems and bullying
• depression and general counseling

bullying child therapy workshop

Anti-bullying roleplay*

Counselling is absolutely confidential so you are free to talk about things you cannot tell anyone else. Please see FAQs for details of my confidentiality policy.

*All pictures of clients are shown with permission from both client and family. Pictures of therapeutic play are staged.


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