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Contact Details, Location and Prices

Contact Details:

Email: englishcounselling@gmail.com

I aim to answer all email enquiries within one or two days however occasionally I may be away.


Location: Currently all services are offered Online only.

Online counselling is offered with the same conditions as for face to face counselling.. Please contact me by email to make an appointment.


Opening Hours:

Currently appointments are offered on weekdays between 5pm to 11:30pm JST


Individual adults, standard income - 10 000 yen* (50min)
Couples/relationship counselling - 12 000 yen* (50min), 14 000* (80min)
Children, adolescents or families - 12 000 yen* (50min)
Low income clients - sliding scale 1000~10000yen. Please enquire for assessment. Income is assessed by household and dependents and other factors are taken into account.
*High income (over 7 000 000 yen) surcharge of 2000~4000 yen applies to all prices shown. This is still comparable to market rates for therapy and helps fund reductions for those in need.

Family session discounts: currently some special discounts are available for family sessions, please enquire

You are welcome to consult by email or ask for a brief online consultation to discuss whether this is the right counselling for you

Please ask for a receipt for private health insurance if needed.


Appointments are usually weekly or every two weeks. However in some circumstances one-off, intermittent or less freqent appointments may be offered according to the issue and circumstances. For ongoing therapy I usually recommend no less frequent than every two weeks and if cost is a concern may suggest higher frequency over a fixed short term rather than low frequency over a long term. One-off consultation is also available to assess your needs.

Longer appointments than 50 mins are possible depending on availability and often helpful for couples and families, prices are usually pro rata

Please feel free to email or call to find out about your options, or to make enquiries for a friend. There is no pressure to make an appointment, and it is advisable to check more than one therapist if possible to find the best possible fit.


Location (When services are available in person)

Access to Counselling from Kobe or Osaka

Private counseling room in Kobe, also equipped for sandtray and play therapy

By train: approx 10 minutes from Sannomiya, Kobe, or 30 mins from Osaka / Umeda. The office is 10 mins walk from Settsu-motoyama (JR) station or 15 mins walk from Okamoto (Hankyu), or Ogi (Hanshin) stations.

Full address and directions will be sent when you make an appointment.

Ground floor office - wheelchair access is possible although there is a slight step and narrow door so please confirm measurements. Counseling and training at other locations in Kansai, eg schools or workplaces, may be possible by arrangement.


Therapy and Counselling  in Kobe, Kansai, Japan




Home Background & Qualifications Counselling Children, Parents & Families Info for Organisations Other Resources Contact, Access & Prices 日本語
Please contact me if you have further questions or wish to arrange an initial meeting


Telephone: 0081-(0)78 453 1030
email: englishcounselling@gmail.com